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     Foriegn Words in English

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    Abdul-Settar Abdul-Latif
    Abdul-Settar Abdul-Latif

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    Foriegn Words in English Empty
    PostSubject: Foriegn Words in English   Foriegn Words in English Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 2:34 am

    Strange Words
    Aardvark - a type of animal with a long snout, from Africa, eats ants. Looks like a small kangaroo crossed with a pig
    Ajar - a door that is open a little bit
    Akimbo - having the hand on the hip and the elbow turned outward (I had to look it up, I never use this word!)
    Canvas - a type of thick, rough fabric. Used for shoes, backpacks, tents
    Conundrum - a situation in which it's difficult to make a decision
    Galore - lots (like, "I have money galore!" = "I have lots of money!")
    Jamboree - a large party or festival
    Kudos - praise given for achievement "Kudos to you for getting good grades!"
    Pizzazz - flashy, showy, attractive "That suit has a lot of pizzazz"
    Queue - a line for waiting, such as in a grocery store (this is more of a British word)
    Shampoo - liquid for washing your hair
    Snafu - this is actually an acronym, I think usually used in the military, SNAFU = situation normal all *** up
    Woo = to court or flirt with someone "He must being trying to woo you, that's the second time he's sent you flowers"
    Bungee = a type of stretchy cord or rope. Bungee jumping is when you jump from a high distance attached to a harness and a bungee rope.
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    Foriegn Words in English
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